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What is Responsive Web Design?

A website is responsive, when the design and content automatically adapts to the device used to access the website.  A website can be accessed through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  The examples below, demonstrate how content shifts and changes to the best display for each screen.


Why is it important?

Responsive design is important because you want the visitors to your website to have the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves.

The majority of users now use their mobile device to access the internet and find services. Phones today will typically zoom out automatically, so that the entire website can be seen onscreen. This can be frustrating when trying to find information that is located in a tiny part of the website. Using a RESPONSIVE website, allows your clients to be able to have proper access to all the sections of your site, providing an enjoyable an easy experience.


of media time is spent on mobile devices

That’s why we make sure customers get the same fast, smooth and professional experience on mobile that they get on a desktop


made a purchase or contacted a service on their device

The number of consumers making mobile purchases keeps rising and so do their expectations. Studies show users will be 5x more likely to leave your site if it’s not mobile compatible. Google will even drop a site’s ranking if it doesn’t adapt well to mobile.

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